How It all started

It all started when I was having drinks with my best friend at our favorite bar. He had just accepted a job in Miami working as an Art Director, and asked if I could create a budget for him. Immediately I grabbed a napkin off the bar and got a pen from the bartender, and asked him one question; “how much money will you earn in the first year”? From there I quickly estimated his pre-tax and after-tax income, and broke his budget in what I now call “Needs,” “Wants,” and “Savings.” Within a few minutes, I told him how much he could spend in each category. And that’s when the idea hit me; start a blog with personal finance tips that make people’s finances simple and can fit on a Napkin, and best of all people with no knowledge of finance can understand and enjoy.

Brett's Napkin is your coach on all things finance, and you guessed it, my advice and tips all fit on a napkin. Of course, after reading my Napkin, we will dive into the details on topics such as investing, saving, student loans, credit cards, early retirement planning, and living in retirement, to name a few. My objective is to help you build an understanding of your finances, and how to be effective and efficient when using and investing your money. If you have questions on any one of my posts, ways to improve the site, or wanna say hi, email me at

the guy behind it!

My financial journey began nearly 15 years ago as a teenager who wanted to learn more about the stock market. After reading a book on investing for teenagers that my mom bought me, I was hooked.  I saved up $500 made from babysitting and working a part-time job and began buying and selling stocks. From there my thirst of knowledge only grew, and after years of studying and trading in the stock market, interning for several large investment banks, and reading everything I was able to get my hands on, I was able to land a job on Wall Street. Today, I continue my work in banking; structuring municipal bonds for state and local governments throughout the country.